Antiracism For Young Kids

Raising an actively antiracist generation.

An educational resource for parents and teachers.

What is ARYK?

Antiracism for Young Kids is a curriculum focused on educating children ages 3-7 about Antiracism and supporting parents in raising families who are actively Antiracist.

The curriculum focuses on four main themes: Identities and Self Awareness, Awareness and Empathy, Systemic Racism and the Intersections of Oppressions, and Nurturing Active Antiracism for Life.

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Why is Antiracisim education important?

Many children are taught about human differences including skin tone, race, and culture through multicultural education and diversity focused activities, but these experiences do not prepare our children to speak up for others, challenge unfair and racist practices, or examine their own actions and thoughts with an antiracist lens. It is important for all children to be taught to be actively antiracist in order to face racism and work to undo systemic racism that has long plagued the USA.

What Antiracism for Young Kids does differently is that it introduces kids to the concept of race as a categorization tool and teaches them that differences like race and skin tone are used to make generalizations about people and lead to unfair systems and consequences.

Antiracism for Young Kids teaches kids that they have the power to make a difference and it is up to all of us to stand up against racism whenever we see it.

We enjoyed the varied, bite-sized content that built on itself and creating our own routines to complete most of the content at our own pace. As a white family, we have the goal of building racial literacy from a young age, and this content guided us on that path.

Kasey Aldereth

AR4YK does an excellent job organizing a thought-provoking series of activities and readings that were engaging and relevant for our 4 year old daughter. I know that talking every day about racial justice, embracing differences, and confronting our culture’s history and issues have had a positive impact: I have heard from my kiddo’s teachers several incidents where my daughter stood up for a student of color who was getting picked on or asked for help. This fills me with hope. Thank you!

Liz Pisciotta

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